Come join us for the Napa Valley Arts in April, Happening: April 1 – 30, 2015


All Over Napa Valley

Celebrate the perfect pairing of wine and the arts with this month-long cultural immersion into the Napa Valley. Explore winery art installations, pop-up exhibitions, performances, tours, discussions, and exclusive tastings in America’s premier wine region. Each Napa Valley town is highlighted throughout the month to showcase their unique artistic contributions to the cultural landscape of the valley.


Arts in April offers special access and packages to enjoy the Napa Valley Collection, so whether you’re a fan of Belle Epoch or contemporary, or works that range from pricey to priceless, it’s the perfect time to get a dose of Napa Valley culture with your Cabernet. You can extend your stay during April with our customized Napa Valley lodging offers.


At David Fulton Winery

We will be showcasing our art brand called "Napa Old Vines".  alongside the artist, Alvino. We will be featuring historical collectible art produced from our estate old vines.


We will also be showcasing several live performances by David Fulton Winery's very own Vince Costanza, who you may have seen in our tasting room.