Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Generations: 1995 – today


Ed Beard Jr. (5th generation) oversees the general care of the Fulton Vineyard, and he, together with his wife Anna, own and operate Beard Ranches. It is a local vineyard management company started by Edgar Sr. that services Napa Valley and Lake County. Ed, a direct descendant of David Fulton, and his wife and two daughters (6th generation), Adrian and Julianna, have all lived for a time in the old Fulton farmhouse.


The vineyard and winery is owned and managed today by the husband and wife team of Fulton (4th generation) and Dink (Erma) Mather. A great grandson of David Fulton, Mr. Mather retired as a managing software engineer. Dink is a retired toxic substances scientist. Assisting Dink and Fulton are their son Richard Mather (5th generation), winemaker at the winery, and their daughter Jennifer Mather (5th generation), who assists with sales and promotion. Jennifer served as an event planner and graphic artist for a Los Angeles firm but now owns and operates a small advertising business in the southern California. Richard gained his experience first by working in the cellars at three different wineries, then as a wine compliance agent in the Valley. Richard has a teenage daughter, Nicole Mather (6th generation), who helps the most by tasting the grapes and leaving objects around the old farm house to remind us it’s time once again to get things organized.


Just as much a part of the David Fulton Winery are the friends and extended family members that support us each in the harvesting and processing of Petite Sirah grapes. To all of them we raise our glass.Winemaker and winery consultant Allen Price, a native of St. Helena, helps us throughout the year. He has 35 years experience in the Napa Valley, mostly with the Hess Collection. He is currently wearing similar hats with El Molino and Casa Nuestra wineries. His loyalty and genius in making our wine put us on the map as a world-class Petite Sirah. He is considered by all of us as a true member of our family.


The new kids on block are the “Winemakers of Fulton Lane.” This is a group of winemakers organized to promote the wines being made by owners of wineries and vineyards who are residents on Fulton Lane, St. Helena. The wineries represented are Big Horn Cellars, David Fulton Winery, Califia, Chiarello Family Vineyards and Scott Harvey Wines. With one very successful 2008 event in our pocket, numerous other tasting events are being planned. According to Fulton Mather, the current President of WOFL, an invitation to join will be offered to other vineyard owners on the Lane who also provide grapes to world class wineries. Keep in touch through the organization’s web site for the time and date of upcoming events.