Fulton Family Second Generation: 1893-1930


Perhaps, it can be said that Fulton made a mere modest mark in the history of wine in Napa Valley. However, given the breadth of his endeavors, the level of his contacts and the keen sense of his negotiating skills it would be difficult to contend he left no footprint in the Valley’s alluvial soil.


Handed down generation by generation, the land exists today as the oldest continuously owned and operated family vineyard in California. Each of six generations has lived in the same farm house including the current owners. Two generations were born there. The town has grown up around the land. The current dry farmed, head trained “Pets” vineyard, replanted by the family during the 1930′s, 40′s, 50′s and 60′s, is recognized today as an old vine varietal super site.


Prior to her death in 1893, Mary signed in 1886 the deed of trust to the Ranch over to her two daughters, Ida and Alice. Ida Fulton who continued to live on the ranch eventually acquired her sister’s share and interest in the property. Ida married Edgar Washington Mather in 1897. Together they expanded the vineyard acreage, erected a barn and built a tank house that stands today next to the 1864 farm house. In 1898, Edgar and Ida deeded their right-a-way to Main Street to the City of St. Helena. Again the family extended the spirit of community, for in 1889 the Fulton family extended a loan to the St. Helena Cemetery Association for enlarging cemetery grounds by 3 ½ acres. Around the turn of the century, Edgar and Ida Mather bore three children: twins Edgar and Fulton and Gladys. With Edgar and Ida gone by the start of the 1930s, the property went to their three children. Shortly after, the brothers Edgar and Fulton gave their ownership of the farm house and vineyard to their sister, Gladys.