It’s the oldest continuously owned and operated family vineyard in the Valley.  No other winery in the Valley holds an earlier date.  He planted five acres of Mission grapes the spring of that year.  The cuttings came from his previous 1858 vineyard at his Main Street Saddlery.  Today, there’s 20 acres of impressive old vine, head-trained Petite Sirah stretching south to Adams Street and just four blocks from his old Saddle Shop.  Owned today by Fulton and Dink Mather (4th generation).  They’ll make sure you’re greeted and entertained by talented staff ready to tell you of Fulton’s One-Horse Plow (1870).


At the heart of all great wines is a great vineyard.  In an article describing our 94 point 2004 Petite Sirah, the International Wine Review declared ours one of the best Petite Sirah vineyards in the West.   Our grapes are harvested when sugar, acidity, and tannin levels are optimal to produce the quality to which we are committed.  Care is foremost in taking grapes from the field to the crusher at the precise time and manner to add an ever increasing level to the complexity, depth and balance to the wine. 



There are many ways for you to access our wines and just have fun at our beautiful small winery.  Having lunch while  relaxing in our deck chairs, walking through the vineyard to observe bud-break or veraison, or being entertained in our tasting room are just a few of the ways to enjoy a true Napa Valley experience at its best.